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on the road at risk this morning. we're live in towson, linda stow, abc 2 news. >> this is a law in the state of maryland. and, linda, you're still with us, this is something that went into effect october 1st, even when the governor first came out on sunday addressing the state, he mentioned this law, saying it's now enforceable. >> we say it over and over again when you lose power, when you get to those intersections, treat it as a stop sign. clearly the message is not getting through. >>> those power outages not only affecting the intersections or homes, a ton of schools now in the dark beginning this wednesday morning. >> and that means some of the schools in our area, they're getting the day off for the third day in a row. sheree johnson is here right now to tell us who is open and who is not. >>reporter: well, megan and charley, yes, we've been getting updates throughout the morning here and we're getting new information on school closings. some area schools are closed because of, yes, power outages. let's take a look at this list here, baltimore city schools are closed. the district o
offering a 10,000 dollar reward to any law enforcement office here shoots and kills a burglar. >> the woman is worried aboutgoing out of business after break-ins no mater what she did the crooks found a way in. and then she saw a sign on another business and decided i am going to do the same and put it up in her store. this hasn't been a break-in since and admits she strongly worded the sign so that somebody would see it and it would turn off customers. >> it's a business of my own and we know how it feels to lose everything when you work so hard to get where you are at. i am for it. >> okay the store owner says as long as criminals stay away the signs will stay up. >>> stay with us this morning. how do you go from superbowl champ million air and to bank rpt sigh. >> someone will soon own warren sapp's house. the discount price it go for. >> a suspected thief thought costeal gas and got burned literally. we will show you what happened. >> all right. you are seeing some clouds and you are not seeing clouds this morning. partly cloudy in westminster but laurel under clear skies. if you want t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2